1st ELA

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Present Unit: 

How can retelling a story help the reader determine the message or lesson?

Students will experience the power of story by going on a lot of adventures with the characters in their books!

Students will focus on:
- Keeping track of the events 
- Retelling key details
- Learning all they can about the characters
(how they feel, what they're thinking, bringing them to life while they read)
- Understanding that life lessons can be learned through a story

Helpful Charts:

Present Unit: 

Realistic Fiction

Students will start writing their own series!

Students will start by creating pretend characters that go on many adventures.

These characters will be included in more than one book and more than one adventure!

Which will finally turn into a boxed series!

This unit will increase their writing independence, elaboration, and revision skills.

Below are some tools the students will use throughout the unit: