Welcome to our P.S 26 Pre-K Webpage!

Teacher:                       Nancy Petrone-Przybyszewski
Classroom Para:                           Miss Lucille Contrada
Pre-K  School Aide:                         Ms. Diane Graboski
May 2018

Current Pre-K Explore Unit Of Study:  Babies

Essential Questions during this unit include:
* What do human babies need?
* What can we learn about animal babies?
* How do babies change?

Current Building Blocks Math Focus: 
* To count to and back from 10 and beyond
* To add small numbers (sums to 5)
* To quickly recognize the sum of two small numbers
* To compose shapes to make pictures and designs
Some important Pre-K dates to remember this month:
Our Next Family Engagement Event will be on 
Friday, May 11th at 9:30 am in our classroom.
We are celebrating our Pre-K Moms by hosting a Mother's Day Tea!

Our school-wide 80's themed Dance Fete will take place on Friday, May 25th.  
We can't wait to perform a dance and enjoy the show with family and friends.
This event takes place outside in the P.S 26 schoolyard.
All are welcome to attend!  Bring a lawn chair and set up early.