2nd Social Studies

Unit 3: Urban, Suburban, and Rural Communities

Essential Question: How are communities the same and different?

Unit Planning Overview

Focus Questions

  • What are the three types of communities and what are their features?
  • How does the use of natural resources shape the way a community develops?
  • How are the activities in rural, urban, and suburban communities different and how are they the same?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in each type of community?
  • Why do people move from one community to another?
  • How are rural, urban, and suburban communities similar and how are they different? advantage disadvantage migration geography population community develops?
  • What are population and population density and how do they relate to each type of community?
  • How are transportation systems in each community similar and how are they different?

Connected Academic Vocabulary

population density, urban, rural, suburban, community, transportation, traditions, diversity, advantage, disadvantage, migration, geography, population