Laura Kump - Principal

Annmarie Hogan - Assistant Principal

Mission- Small school, big hearts, creating a legacy of excellence.

School Hours 8:30am - 1:55pm


Please feel free to take advantage of the stop and drop in the morning, beginning at 8:25 am. Located on Wild Ave and Melvin Ave

Instructional Focus

If we cultivate assessment capable learners, then we will see an increase in student engagement, ownership of learning and improvement in performance.

Dismissal Procedures:

Kindergarten will be dismissed through Exit Door 5 (located in front school yard).

1st and 2nd Grades will be dismissed in the front school yard.

5th grade will be dismissed through Exit Door 6 (located in front school yard).

3rd, 4th grades will be dismissed in the back school yard.

Respect For All Coordinator - Lori Barrett